A New Kitchen!

 Isn’t my husband talented? He has transformed our dreary, over crowded, hole in the wall kitchen, into an open, creative, dreamy space…

This project was first inspired by the kitchen table my Dad and Husband made for me a couple Christmas’ ago. It was big, and beautiful, and just didn’t fit in the tiny dining space we had. We decided to design our upper shelving with the live edge, just like our table. We chose white walls and cabinets to make the small area seem as big as possible. Our light was from West Elm and the tile we found from a discount place in Richmond. Newcastle Cabinets did a beautiful job on the cabinets! We were so thankful for their expert opinions and talent. Last but not least I must thank my Mom for all of shared knowledge on kitchen layouts, colour matching, and organization! 



 And I couldn’t resist adding some cuteness to his handy work.






Baby Vienna | Chilliwack Newborn Photographer | Roxanna J Photography

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7 Short Months Ago | Chilliwack Newborn Photographer | Roxanna J Photography

Reflecting back on the beautiful gifts I received this year. This one was by far the most precious. Our new daughter, Ruby Eva Claire born June 4th

Thank-you to Tanya for coming over and helping me pose Ruby that day. You can see more of her beautiful work here.

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Sisters | Roxanna J Photography | Chilliwack Children's Photographer

This weekend I had the honour of photographing these 3 special sisters. What made it even more special is that these adorable girls are our neighbours and I get to watch them grow up every day!

Roxanna J Photography_0293.jpg

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Benny & Jolene's Galiano Island Wedding Part One

I couldn’t have imagined a more magical place for Benny and Jolene to get married. This was my first time on Galiano Island and it’s quiet beauty suited the couple perfectly. The wedding was held at Bodega Ridge on Galiano. From rugged cliffs to open fields to quite coves, this island was full of surprises.

I want to say a huge thank-you to my co-shooter Tanya Maahs of Bells and Babies Photography for opening up her schedule last minute to come and shoot with me! 

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